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9 Day luxury Family Adventure

Trip difficulty: 1 2 3 4 5
Recommended for ages: 6+
Number of days: 9

If Costa Rica had a golden-triangle the Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, and Arenal would be it. This itinerary is designed for those looking to follow the guide books, not afraid of seeing many other tourist, and looking to enjoy Costa Rica's most famous sites.

We designed this itinerary and filled it with more than just the sites. We include some exceptional tours and visits to reserves that will have you leaving an expert on the tropics and Costa Rica.

It is a great itinerary and often a must see for many but don't be fooled there is many more "must see's". Its a great fit for those families looking for easy travel, places to eat, meeting others, and larger group travel.

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Price: $2,695/person (Based on 4 people)

Room Type: Arenas del Mar 1 Ocean Breeze Suite, El Establo 1 Deluxe, Tabacon 1 Suite, Grano de Oro 1 Deluxe

Includes: All Private Transportation with driver & guide, all meals listed, all tours and adventures, all lodging

Not Included: International Airfare, $26 Exit Tax

Arrive and Drive to Manuel Antonio (Arenas del Mar)

We will meet you outside of the San Jose Airport and then make our way to the Arenas del Mar. The drive is not bad at all. The new highway makes for a smooth straight drive to the coast at just around two hours. Our final destination will be the Arenas del Mar Resort located in the Manuel Antonio area one of the finest beaches in all of Costa Rica. (Meals: None)

Tour Park & Spice Tour (Arenas del Mar)

Today you will be on the tour of the park where you will get upclose with monkeys (if you haven't already at the hotel) and then get a chance to enjoy some of the nicest beaches Costa Rica has to offer. When it comes to a family vacation I think Manuel Antonio is a great spot and walking through the park with your guide is going to make it a very interesting stop for all. After the park and some beach time you will then go on your Spice Tour. You will be amazed by this tour as I see you have read up on it. They really do an excellent job. (Meals: Breakfast)

Relax at the beach and night hike (Arenas del Mar)

Today you will get some time to enjoy the ocean some more. There are a number of things to do in the area if you are looking for more to do but the idea might be just to relax if you want and spend some time at the pool or in the sand exploring the local beaches. You will have your guide who is full of fun things to do in the area so if relaxing is not your thing we promise to keep you busy. (Meals: Breakfast)

Drive to Monteverde (El Establo)

Today we will take off in the morning and make our way to the Monteerde Cloud-forest. The cloud-forest is a special place and you will see different vegetation than you saw at the rainforest at Manuel Antonio. The drive will be up the coastal highway and then you will be on some dirt road for a little bit. This will be a travel day but we plan to make some stops along the way to keep it interesting just at local places or anytime you need to stretch the legs. (Meals: Breakfast)

Tour Reserve & Zipline Selvatura (Tabacon)

Touring the Monteverde Reserve is one of my favorite places to hike. The weather is absolutley perfect for hiking and the vegetation is out of control. If you stand still for around 30 seconds chances are a plant will grow on your shoulder. With you guide it is very educational and interesting. Along with education today we plan on adding a little adrenaline as we take on the adventures at Selvatura. It will be hard for a plant to grow on your shoulder when you are zipping through the cloud-forest on the cables. After this adventure we will make the drive to the Arenal Volcano and your final destination will be Tabacon. If you are the least bit sore from ziplining then your treatment will be the hotsprings. But don't think that the hotsprings is better than the slide. The slide at Tabacon is simply what makes Costa Rica, Costa Rica (I might have exagerated a bit but you get the picture). (Meals: Breakfast)

Rafting & Eco-center Danaus (Tabacon)

Now it is time to take on the rapids and get soaked. Today's adventure will have everyone paddling with a chance to be on what the kids will think is a wild river but its just enough to get everyone wet. The kids will love it and even when you are not in the rapids you will still see how much fun there is to have. After the rapids we will make our way to a local little reserve called Danaus. This is a great spot to hopefully see some more wildlife upclose. This is a small locally owned spot that we enjoy supporting and the kids really enjoy it and get a chance to get some great pictures with colorful butterflies and maybe even more. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

La Fortuna Waterfall & Organic Farm (Tabacon)

Today you will visit La Fortuna Falls. Looking at the itinerary there was no waterfall so we decided that why not put in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of the country. The La Fortuna Falls is a nice little hike but nothing too extreme where you will hike down stairs and then& visit one of the most refreshing waterfalls with an amazing swimhole. The hike is beautiful surrounded by jungle--a definite photo op. After the waterfall we have included an organic farm. The farmer's name is Don Juan and it is a really neat tour for kids as he is great with little ones and makes it a little hands-on experience. At the same farm you will enjoy lunch which happens to be one of the best Costa Rican style lunches you can imagine (using all foods from the farm). (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Drive to San Jose and visit Britt Coffee Tour (Grano de Oro)

Today we will make our way back to the Central Valley and our final destination will be the Grano de Oro Hotel. We plan on stopping at the Britt Coffee Tour. This is a tour is great for kids because it is in a local coffee plantation but done sort of like a skit (like a Disney skit and play with actors). The kids enjoy it, it is educational, and a nice gift shop. After the tour we will head to the Grano de Oro where you can enjoy one of the best meals of the trip. (Meals: Breakfast)

Fly Home!

Today we will transfer you to the airport and have you there around 2 hours before your flight leaves, which is plenty of time.

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Arenas del Mar - Arenas del Mar has been fortunate enough to have one of the most unique properties in the Manuel Antonio area with its amazing view and private beach. All of our guest fall in love with Arenas del Mar. You will not be disappointed!

Other Options Manuel Antonio:

El Establo - When staying at the El Establo you will either feel you are at the top of the world or in the clouds. Here you will have excellent views and a chance to enjoy luxury in the cloud-forest. All of the rooms are designed around the view and the hotel is the finest in the area. It is a large hotel and if you are looking for something simpler or more rustic, their are many options in the area.

Other Options Monteverde:

Tabacon - Tabacon Resort & Spa is one of the more famous hotels in Costa Rica. It can be a great match for families looking for a great pool area with a slide for the kids. It can be a crowded area and is not for everyone. But it boasts the most unique set of hot springs pools.

Other Options Arenal:

Grano de Oro - This is San Jose's finest hotel. It is small and designed to perfection giving you a chance to get a good night's rest in a very comfortable and unique colonial setting in one of San Jose's finer areas. The actual structure is the former home of the famous Pozuelo family who pioneered the best tasting cookies in all of Central America!

Other Options San Jose:

  • La Condesa
  • Estudio Hotel
  • Indigo
  • Bougainvillea
  • Xandari Resort
  • Finca Rosa Blanca

With a country full of amazing people, a landscape that day after day just blows your mind, and some of the best rivers on the planet, I decided to call Costa Rica home. I made my early career whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River and working as an adventure guide for different companies. With this said, the goal of starting Costa Rican Resource was to get people out into nature to realizing that each and every human on the planet is a part of our natural world.