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Ama Tierra Hotel & Yoga Retreat Center

Located just 40 minutes outside the capital city of San Jose towards the Pacific Coast you will find the Ama Tierra Hotel & Yoga Retreat Center. It is the owners of this place that make it what it is. Bob & Jill Ruttenberg are from Arizona and Jill is a specialist in Chinese and Herbal Medicine. Jill worked as a colleague of Dr. Andrew Weil and brings her knowledge to the Ama Tierra Hotel during their many retreats and wellness workshops.

The Hotel is located in an area that makes it close to the beaches and close to the Capital City while still being surrounded by the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Here you can bring your own group for a retreat or enjoy some of the many options they offer you and join a group.

Reasons to Go:

  • Excellent educators
  • Located near the city and beaches
  • Meet great people

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Located near the beach but still 40 minute drive on highway 27
  • Not too many tour options in the area (although some)