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ATV Quad Tours

Costa Rica is a country that offers a very mountainous terrain with a lot of rain. If you have ever been on an ATV you probably know that mountains and rain make for the perfect environment for venturing off on an ATV. RidingATV's in Costa Rica is a great way to see the countryside and offer you a chance to visit remote spots that are onlyaccessible by ATV's or a few days of hiking.

This is also an excellent option to have on the back burner if it is a rainy day. Sometimes it's not always the best weather to hike to the volcano or lay on the beach. But rain or shine it is always a great day to head on some ATV'sand even more fun on a rainy day of course.

There are spots of Costa Rica that are better than others for riding ATV's and for the most part all will have breath-taking views of either jungle, volcanoes, or coastline.

Note: All tours are operated with safety first assuming that all clients are on a novice level of operating ATV's. If you come from a background of ATV-ing since you were a young child you might not find ATV tours the most thrilling compared to what you are use to, which just means you will have more time to concentrate on the jaw-dropping scenery. If you are a beginner and/or novice then of course you will get a thrill out of cruising through the jungle and puddles during the tours.