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Dominical ATV

If you are looking for the most scenic ATV tour in Costa Rica and want to feel like your are in the heart of the untamed jungle of Costa Rica then this might be the adventure for you. This is a long 3/4 day ride that will have you leaving the Dominical area around 7:30am. You will be taken to the valley of Tinamaste and Las Tumbas. Here you will begin your ride and visit some of the most spectacular vistas in Costa Rica.

You will see the famous Diamante Waterfall which is Costa Rica's highest Wterfall at 600ft and you'll also visit a number of other clear pristine pools during your ride. This tour also has an option of a 3-day 2-night ride that takes you even deeper into the heart of the jungle.

Reasons to Go:

  • Scenery is lush and expansive
  • Looking for a break from the big waves in Dominical

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • It is around five hours of riding if not a bit longer