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Blue Osa Retreat

If you are looking for exhuberant nature and great people then the Blue Osa Retreat is the spot. It is located near the town of Puerto Jimenez in Playa Tamale. Most have never even heard of the Playa Tamale but once you leave you will never forget it. The philosophy of Blue Osa is presented so clearly that they truly are experts in the art of helping Yoga change lives.

Here you will have the option to join in different retreats, bring groups, or take part in Yoga teacher training by one of the more well known teachers in all of Costa Rica, Yogi Aaron. Aaron is a natural educator and has practiced and trained with some of the top yogi's from around the world.

Reasons to Go:

  • Yogi Aaron is a natural educator
  • Osa is off the beaten path

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Don't want to be in the middle of nowhere