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Aurola Holiday Inn

If you asked us four years ago about the Aurola Holiday Inn we would advise you to stay elsewhere. The Aurola Holiday Inn is located in front of Parque Morazon which during it's time you could find some interesting characters which might offer you the sense of feeling unsafe. In the last couple of years the city of San Jose has made a complete turnaround and the Parque Morazon is one of those areas that has surely benefited from the change in San Jose.

The Aurola Holiday Inn is now a beautiful hotel that can have you walking out around the streets at night feeling just as safe as you would in any hotel in San Jose. The Aurola Holiday Inn is perfect for business travelers if you are doing business inside the city of San Jose. It also is great for small or private business owners that don't want to break the bank on business travel. While not being over the top fancy, it still offers luxurious rooms, great food, and not too mention one of the best views of all of San Jose from the restaurant on the top.

The Aurola Holiday also works well for tourists. Unfortunately San Jose has such a bad rap that not many tourists decide to spend many nights in San Jose, but if you have the right guide and an extra day then staying in the city can be very very interesting. The perfect place to stay for this is theAurola Holiday Inn offering you the most centric spot in all of San Jose, surrounded by the different historical sites.

Reasons to Go:

  • Very Central
  • Amazing views of the city
  • Nice Rooms
  • Great Price

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • You don't want to be in the center of San Jose
  • It is a Holiday Inn
  • Not the fanciest of hotels in San Jose