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The Hampton Inn & Suites

If you have been to Costa Rica in the last 10 years you have probably at least seen the iconic Hampton Inn. Used as a place over the years for people to meet or coming and going from Costa Rica, The Hampton Inn & Suites is "The Airport Hotel" of Costa Rica. Although not being directly connected to the San Jose Airport it is about as close as you can get. It's become almost a tradition for people to stay at the The Hampton Inn & Suites and enjoy a dinner or breakfast at the Denny's which we think is just to break them back into to the American culture after a week in the jungle. This might help prevent culture shock when you get back to your homeland we assume.

The Hampton Inn & Suites is also used as a business hotel for those doing jobs in the Alajuela area or just outside of Alajuela. If even works great for a job in Heredia or San Jose because you are located right at the main intersection of the three towns and getting to any one is quite easy. The location offers the perfect spot for business travelers that will be traveling in and around the Central Valley.

Not only will you have access to business but a number of different tours that can offer you a break from the job to enjoy some of the lush tropical miraculous wonders of Costa Rica. You might want to visit a volcano, waterfall, or be more adventurous and enjoy some of the many eco-tourism tours offered in Costa Rica.