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Caribbean Nature Hike

Probably the most authentic nature hike we can offer you. Here your CRR guide will take a step back as he passes the expertise on to the local guide in the area. Here your naturalist will be one of three local guides who come from generations of locals in the southern Limon area. Here you'll be immersed in the Afro-Caribbean heritage and you'll get a rich culture experience and take a less scientific nature hike. You'll gain knowledge which is sometimes ahead of the game from information that has been passed down from generations to generations.

We will start the hike in the small town of Manzanillo and the hike will take us south along the coast as we reach different look-out points in the area. On a clear sunny day this quite frankly is one of our favorite hikes in all of Costa Rica, allowing you to experience the white sand of the Caribbean and enjoy the rich culture of the Afro-Caribbean presence of Costa Rica and the Limon Province.

The hike will take around two hours and is easy hiking. If there is any chance of rain chances are we will ask you to put on some rubber boots.

Reasons to Go?

  • Really no other nature hike like it in Costa Rica
  • A chance to experience a different culture than the rest of Costa Rica
  • Excellent coastal views
  • Wildlife Wildlife Wildlife
  • Very small number of tourists
  • Easy hiking
  • If your in the area its' a must

Reason NOT to Go?

  • Don't want to get wet
  • Fear of Snakes
  • Don't want to wear rubber boots
  • Not looking to get dirty