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Cities of Costa Rica - Cahuita

Have to say we really enjoy these towns. Especially now that you can find some really exotic ecolodges to stay that can give you the feel of staying in a luxurious setting surrounded by nature but away from so much of the heavy development that the Pacific Costa Rica has seen in recent years. Nothing against the Pacific, we love that side also, you just have to know where to go. Cahuita is a small town just north of Puerto Viejo and a little less action going on in Cahuita as compared to Puerto Viejo which makes it nice. There are a number of things to do in the area and one of the more common is a simple visit to the Cahuita National Park. This is a walk along the coastline that is met with jungle in one of the most peaceful places on the Caribbean.

It is here that you get the Afro-Caribbean culture and a chance to enjoy the cuisine and most importantly the life-style of "I'll do it tomorrow...". Don't let this scare you away of trying to do some activities in the area because they will get it done and there are some you do not want to miss. The famous snorkeling of Uvita is one of the top tours and a visit to nearby Playa Negra is worth the trip also. We operate our Pacuare River rafting tour from Cahuita picking you up in the morning and dropping you off in time for dinner. The dinner of choice will probably be the famous "rice & beans" which is cooked with coconut milk.

It is inevitable that this will be a place that you will not want to leave or that when you are back home you will find yourself thinking of the peace and tranquillity you felt while hanging out in Cahuita, a perfect stop when visiting Costa Rica.

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