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Cities of Costa Rica - Cartago

The city of Cartago is in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It was founded in 1563. It is Costa Rica's first city and served as the capital in colonial days. Three major earthquakes in 200 years destroyed most of the colonial structure. Today Cartago is the agro-industrial center. Also the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels makes Cartago the religious center of the country. It is only a few hours away from family adventure and whitewater rafting.

The city of Cartago has all of the benefits of living in the modern Central Valley of Costa Rica but you are just outside. It is only a 30 minute bus ride into the edge of San Jose and the University town of San Pedro. Looking over Cartago is Costa Rica's tallest volcano which is the Irazu volcano. This is a very nice place for living and most of all just a pass-through place for tourists on their way to the Turrialba area.

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