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Cities of Costa Rica - Escazu

Escazu is an upscale suburb of San Jose. You can find many boutiques, malls and restaurants here. The president of Costa Rica lives in Escazu, along with many ex-pats and the US ambassador to Costa Rica. The charm of this district comes from the mix of the old and the new. You can find old homes painted in bright pastels. You can also get around in Escazu using public transportation.

Escazu is located just 10 minutes from the center of San Jose and with quite a bit of new infrastructure in and around the area it makes for easy access to the capital city. The new Caldera Highway also passes right by Escazu and makes driving to the Pacific Coast just an hour drive. Heading west from the town of Escazu is the area of Ciudad Colon which is turing into a popular area where urbanizacions of the young successful business people of the capital city are building their new dream homes.

The name of Escazu comes from the Indian name Itzkazu which means resting rock as this was an area where Indians were have said to rest during travels from Aserri on westward. The Escazu area also has many legends. One is that it is an area of witches and even it's professional soccer team is called the "brujas" which means witches in Spanish.

For a tourism destination it is pretty much city life with a few rural tourism projects on the outskirts. There are also a few Costa Rica Spanish schools. You will not find Costa Rica ecolodges in Escazu but you will find some of the most luxurious hotels in the all of Costa Rica. The town of Escazu is also conveniently located if you are looking for a Costa Rica whitewater rafting tour as you can make the trip in one day leaving early. The Escazu area also leaves you the option of hopping on the Caldera Highway and making a day trip to the beach and enjoying some of the many activities you can find in the area such as surfing classes or ziplines tours.

Escazu also has Spanish schools and Costa Rica homestays for those who want to learn through immersion. There are a number of private schools in the area that are run in English for many of the ex-pats that live in the area and foreigners from other countries.

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