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Cities of Costa Rica - Golfito

If you ask a Costa Rican about Golfito chances are they know it well. This is a town that has become popular for Costa Ricans from all over because you can buy appliances here with no tax included. It is basically a free zone and although it is located in the Southern Pacific, it is not on the border where many free-zones are.

Golfito was a town that went through very tough economic times after the larger foreign agriculture companies left the area such as the United Fruit Company. It is here that the Costa Rican government decided to make a free-zone to boost the economy. Golfito today is an area that not only is common for the 2-day trip from San Jose by locals in a bus, but it is situated nicely for those looking for a Costa Rica ecotourism adventure. It gives those looking for the untouched jungle a chance to explore where not many tourists might have been. Just flying into the airport you literally feel like you are flying into the canopy of the rainforest. You're also not far from the border of Panama or an easy boat ride or flight to Puerto Jimenez which is located across the gulf.

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