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Cities of Costa Rica - Liberia

Now with an expanded International Airport, nicer roads, and an economy that has seen the fruits of the booming real estate of the Guanacaste area, Liberia gives you the impression of a future Las Vegas. Ok, it is fortunately far from being Las Vegas and now with economic times the way they are maybe it is a good thing. But it is a town almost at sea-level with a population that has grown and shrunk. Many people from San Jose moved out to Liberia working in the tourism and real estate business and probably did pretty well for themselves and then in 2009 you started to see people leave Liberia. It seems to be back on the rise as of early 2011 and with everything only time will tell as people sell ranches for housing developments.

It is still a very nice town to spend an afternoon in and noted for its Guanacaste culture which is a bit different than the Costa Rica culture you might find in the rest of the country. Being so close to Nicaragua you start to see a blend of certain characteristics which can even be noted in the accent and skin color of many locals from the area. If you are looking for the lazy Costa Rica vacation of just sitting on the beach maybe you can get up off the beach chair for a day and make the trip into Liberia to experience some of the culture.

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