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Cities of Costa Rica - Limon

Limon, on Costa Rica's Caribbean side, was built as a port town. It was the larger banana trade that gave this area the infrastructure boost that turned it into the rough and tumble port town it is today. When it comes to tourism the province of Limon is a beautiful area but the port town of Limon is an area where you really don't need to spend much time. Unfortunately, it is not the safest of all towns but this does not mean you should not visit the beaches.

There is a big misunderstanding that does not work in Limon's favor. The province and the city are two very very different areas just like anywhere on the planet you have some areas worth visiting and some areas not worth visiting. If you do want to visit the port town of Limon during the day just to see the different culture and lifestyle then that is no problem but we suggest if you are visiting Costa Rica your best areas of the Caribbean are to the north in an area called Tortuguero and to the south where you have the beautiful Caribbean beaches. Both of those areas are just as safe as the Pacific side and rest of Costa Rica.

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