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Cities of Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio

This is a town that is not set up like most towns in Costa Rica. It has no central park or church and it is even hard to find a soccer field which makes you feel that you might not be in Costa Rica. It turns out this is a beautifull touristy area that lends itself to some of the most breathtaking views of the Pacific. Just imagine the mountain coming straight out of the ocean floor and pristine beaches below. Because of this topography most of Manuel Antonio is not beach front. Many of the Manuel Antonio luxury hotels are located on a ridge literally built into the side of a mountain. Makes it interesting considering an earthquake can happen anytime but don't worry if you are visiting Costa Rica it is because you like "living on the edge".

Manuel Antonio is home to what we consider as a company the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Along with being very scenic, it has become very crowded. The National Park of Manuel Antonio has brought in the crowds as it is a small protected area but a large amount of visible wildlife on easy to hike trails. There are places where you can stay that give you a bit of isolation from the populated areas of Manuel Antonio and some of your nicest coastal hotels in all of the country. Along with amazing hotels, as expected there is a booming Costa Rica real estate market in Manuel Antonio opening up the option for vacation home rentals in the area.

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