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Cities of Costa Rica - Manzanillo

Located about as far south on the Caribbean as you can go. Here you will not run into large groups of tourist and you will also not have the large luxurious hotels you can find in the Manuel Antonio area which is probably a good thing because it goes to show that Manzanillo will stay the small quaint town it is for many years to come. You also have the option of doing some incredible snorkeling on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica which Manuel Antonio really does not offer.

With a short walk in the reserve you are guaranteed monkeys, sloths, and probably even the famous eye-lash pit viper but don’t worry you will see it before it sees you because it is bright yellow. There are places to stay nearby and even a couple of luxurious options such as Le Cameleon in Puerto Viejo and Almonds and Corals in Manzanillo. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for aCosta Rica family vacation filled with natural flavor and fun.

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