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Cities of Costa Rica - Parrita

This is small pass-through town that many people find on the way to the more popular area of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. It is an interesting place and is located at very low sea-level that when the heavy rains come it is often victim to floods. The local people in the area work on the many African Palm plantations where palms are harvested for their natural oil. Although Parrita is inland if you make the trip to the coast from Parrita it is only a few minutes away and there are quite a few beaches that you can find with not much going on. As a touristy destination it is not a popular spot which can be nice and if you just want to explore.

Also there is a new bridge in town as of 2008 that has really help speed up the traffic as you formerly had to wait for the one way traffic to go your way. You can find a Mega-Super which can be a good place to stop for some snacks or sodas on your way into the Quepos area where everything seems to be just a little bit more expensive.

If I had to pick the ecotourism attraction that Parrita had to offer it would probably be the Timarai Bamboo Resort which is a beachfront resort just minutes from the center of Parrita.

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