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Cities of Costa Rica - Puerto Jimenez

If Sierpe is the entrance to one side of the Osa Peninsula by boat then Puerto Jimenez is the entrance to the other side by land. You can get to Puerto Jimenez on nice roads and also just a 40 minute flight from San Jose which sure beats the seven hour drive. Puerto Jimenez situated nicely on the peninsula in an area that gives you a chance to really explore the back side of the Osa Peninsula. Here you will be just an hour drive from the famous Costa Rican ecolodge of Lapa Rios. If you wanted to add another hour on top of that you could arrive to one of our favorite lodges which is the Luna Lodge. After arriving here you are where the car stops because you start the entrance of the Corcovado National Park.

Puerto Jimenez is a small town and you can get your basic things. There is a little airport, a few offices of Costa Rican real estate, car rentals, and ecolodges from around the area but they better know your coming because things are pretty quiet when nobody is arriving. The town has a number of small shops, places to eat, and areas for backpackers to stay. It is located on the water and many of the locals in the community live off the fishing. This use to be an area where gold-miners ventured out into the jungle and mined gold in a simple manner but now that is dying out although you can still find a few old-timers out in the nearby streams. The little town of Puerto Jimenez can be the gateway to a Costa Rica vacation where you venture into one of the most wild rainforest on the planet filled with more species than most places on Earth.

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