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Cities of Costa Rica - Puerto Viejo

This is the New York City of Caribbean living. Don't worry it still has the laid back vibe to it but with a little more action than the other Caribbean towns in Costa Rica. The Afro-Caribbean culture is very apparent here. Many of the same activites can be done in the town of Puerto Viejo as in the other local beach towns as they run very close together. This is an area where you will find that surfing is big and some of Costa Rica's top competing surfers are actually from Puerto Viejo with Afro-Caribbean decent.

This is a great area to learn about sloths, native Indians, and even the cacao fruit which is where chocolate comes from. It is nice to take tours in this area of the country because as tourism grows you see that tours become more and more mainstream throughout Costa Rica. I guess it is a good thing in the sense, that more tours are arriving and the local tours are improving their tours but in the Puerto Viejo area many of the tours are still very authentic in a sense and you do not get that you are not just another tour group that is number 10 on the list for today.

I guess the best way to put it for the people running local little rural tours on the Caribbean side is thanks for keeping it "real".

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