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Cities of Costa Rica - Quepos

This is a town named after an Indian tribe that has quite a bit of history dating back to the United Fruit Company. It is now a port town filled with boats for deep-sea fishing. The boats are lined up to take out those many visitors that decide they want to go deep-sea fishing. If you are on a Costa Rica vacation it is good to know the difference between Manuel Antonio and Quepos as they are often sold together by different tour companies. They happen to be separated just by a short curvy road and a thin small mountain that dumps down into the Manuel Antonio National Park. The town of Quepos is a bit of an interesting town with local bars, nightlife, and casinos; sort of the style of living you might expect of guys that are coming to fish for a week.

It is also where many of the local Costa Rican's live that work in the different nature tours, adventure tours, and the Manuel Antonio luxury hotels. The town of Quepos is actually below sea-level and is often a victim of floods during the heavy rainy season. It is sort of protected by a levy. Not our place of choice for staying during your Costa Rica family vacation.

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