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Cities of Costa Rica - San Isidro Perez Zeledon

One of Costa Rica's fastest growing towns was known to have many of its men go to the USA to work leaving behind just women in the town. Many Costa Rican guides will say the ratio is seven girls to every guy but I really don't think that stands today. Many of the men have no reason to leave and go work in the USA these days, the times have changed a bit. This is a beautiful town set in a valley that many think has a real future in tourism and real estate. A lot of the tourism in the area is rural tourism but you can really combined a number of different great activities all close to the area. One of the more common that many locals do but more foreigners should do, is the 3-day hike to Mount Chirripo. This is Costa Rica's tallest pointof over 13,000ft located just 1 hour to the start of the hike from the town of San Isidro. Without a doubt it is the most beautiful views and scenery you will find in all of Costa Rica. It is the second highest point in all of Costa Rica. Not something for every Costa Rica family vacation but if you enjoy trekking this is the trip for you.

The location is what is nice for the San Isidro area. You are just 40 minutes from the beach town of Dominical. Or you can drive 40 minutes the other way and be at 10,000ft in the Paramo of Costa Rica. It is a large town with a population of over 50,000 and many of these people are out getting to know the natural beauties that surround this area. You can even go whitewater rafting in the upper section of the Savegre river. Where most people enter from the coast, here you can go 4x4ing through the mountains to some of the upper waters for an amazing Costa Rica whitewater rafting tour.

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