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Cities of Costa Rica - San Vito

This is a town that was discovered by Italians and you might not think of it as being much of a tourist attraction unless you have done some research. It turns out that this remote area just 60km inland from the town of Golfito, sits in the mountains amidst rolling coffee plantations and some of the most diverse tropical wonders our planet has to offer. The OTS is the Organization for Tropical Studies and when this organization has a hand in something you know it is something good. Here it happens to be the Las Cruces Biological Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden. Whether you want to get down and gritty with the scientists and work on the scientific names or just sit and experience life to the fullest around you this is an amazing spot. With a close look you can see and learn about thousands of different species of plants.

Along with the beauty of nature you can take a taste a little of old Italy at a number of places to eat with Italian flavor. You might be visiting Costa Rica and not Italy but a little pasta will sit nicely after a few days of rice and beans.

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