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Cities of Costa Rica - Sarapiqui

When you really feel the New World Tropics is something you want to learn more about and you have read all the books and are ready for some field work then there is no better place than Sarapiqui. The access and knowledge that is in and around the lowland rainforest of Sarapiqui is recognized on an international level. It is here the Organization for Tropical Studies has La Selva Biological Station. One reason for the learning infrastructure is its proximinity to San Jose. It is just 1 hour and 45 minutes from the capital city on the other side of the famous Braulio Carrillo.

We all love taking puddle jumpers and then riding on a bumpy road for a nine hour trip into the jungle but when a similar jungle is this close it is hard to pass up. Many studies from countless universities from all over the world have visited the area of Sarapiqui and as long as there are tropics on this planet it seems this small part of the New World Tropics of Sarapiqui will have a voice in discovering new species, reasons for extinctions, medicines, and sustainable ways of living as nature demonstrates in the different studies shown.

In the Sarapiqui area there are a number of different ecotourism activities also with the most common being a Costa Rica birding tour. Along with birding you can do a number of nature hikes, biking, rafting tours, rappels, and even a chocolate tour of the history of Chocolate at the Tirimbina Biological Reserve.

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