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Cities of Costa Rica - Tamarindo

This town was just a little too much, too fast for our taste but it still has a few hidden spots that might be worth visiting. It is a great spot for some Costa Rica surf classes plus the beach is really nice. At low tide it is tough to find a beach as welcoming as Tamarindo. Although the developement with strip malls, high rises, and just complete nonsense, has taken a lot away from the setting, if you plan right you can still get away from all of that and have a nice Costa Rica family vacation. One place we suggest in the area is the Capitan Suizo Hotel which is located on the outskirts and right on the beach.

It is because the Tamarindo area is flat that some of the places are right on the beach where as other parts of Costa Rica there is higher elevation looking down onto the beach from your hotel rooms. There are a number of other smaller little beach towns that do not have the crazy nightlife and insanity of development going on that might be a better option if you are looking for a quiet romantic Costa Rica honeymoon.

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