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Cities of Costa Rica - Tortuguero

This is a small town that is easily accessable by boat. It is here that you see some of the beauties of Costa Rica that other developing countries do not have. You might not know that on the average developing countries only protects 8% of their land whereas Costa Rica protects over 25%. Tortuguero is one of those areas that is protected. It is called the Venice of the Rainforest and although I am talking more about the protected area of Tortuguero there is also a town called Tortuguero. This is a great little town with a laid back Caribbean vibe to it. It is a nice feel away from the Western society chaos that you might see on the Pacific side with large luxury homes, high rise condos, and real estate offices lining up to greet you at the entrance of every beach town.

Here at Tortuguero, and the name says it all, there is a special love for the sea-turtles as this is one of the main nesting sites in all of Costa Rica. Here tourists make the 3 hour bus ride, one hour boat ride, and then hike out on to the protected beach at odd hours of the night just to catch a glimps of the magic. Having done it, we can say it is well worth it. There are a number of activities to do in the area and chances are you will see some wildlife. These are easy activities such as sea-kayak and nature observing boat excursions and hiking.

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