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Corporate Travel & Incentive Travel Costa Rica

Lunch on the River

Corporate and incentive travel is a perfect match for Costa Rica. Not only does Costa Rica offer unique natural beauties but also there's a long list of adventures and fun for all to enjoy. Here at Costa Rican Resource our main goal for operating corporate and incentive travel trips is that we can offer more than just your average trip. When traveling with large groups just one stop can make all the difference in the world for local families. Here at Costa Rican Resource we have aligned with local communities to offer groups everything from a breakfast before your rafting trip to an evening of full entertainment. It might be a lunch stop on your way to the beach resort but we can assure you a corporate or incentive travel trip with Costa Rican Resource is first class service with an authentic touch when possible. We're always thinking of others who could use the business in a rapidly developing Costa Rica while at the same time offering first class service and amenities to your group throughout their stay.

Our attention to the environment is at the top of every trip and there is no more important time than when working with companies. One of our goals is that a company's trip with Costa Rican Resource will get employees out into nature and thus motivate your company to become more conscious of the impact all businesses have on the environment.

We design each group trip to fit the needs of your company's wishes be it team-building activities, stress reduction travel, or just a fun and adventure reward trip. Costa Rican Resource is a travel company with some of the top guides in the country and we operate at a high level of professionalism along with keeping it very personal from start to finish.

Costa Rican Resource offers innovative trips filled with adventure, fun, and nature awareness activities allowing your employees to enjoy the natural world and experience ways to lower stress and ultimately offer better levels of concentration and ability to work.

We invite you to start planning your Corporate trip today or offer an incentive travel package for your company through Costa Rican Resource.