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Diamante Canyon (Dominical), Costa Rica

This canyon can only be run in the dry season and it turns out has to be run with an inner-tube. You need the inner-tube because at the bottom of each rappel there is a large pool and that is when the inner-tube comes in handy. This is without question our favorite canyon. As a company, having seen much of the country, this canyon is right up there as one of the most beautiful spots in all of Costa Rica including our favorite the Pacuare River. If we had to pick an adventure we would like to operate on a daily basis it would probably be the Pacuare River rafting tour of the Diamante Canyoneering adventure.

This is not the canyoneering adventure for every Costa Rica family vacation as you want to make sure the kids are at least 13.

This canyon is located between San Isidro and Dominical and is not an easy access canyon as you have to go rock hopping in a river for a about half hour. Again this is only runnable during the dry season and you get the chance to rappel four waterfalls and swim through endless amount of pools with walls that go hundreds of feet straight up. There is no question when being in this canyon that the only way out is down the canyon and not up it. If you visit this canyon you will not want to leave, it is really a magical place.