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Exploranatura Canyon (Turrialba), Costa Rica

This is the nearby canyon that will be easy access if you are joining us in our homestay program or want to try and learn some Spanish. This is a great canyon located in a beautiful area of Costa Rica surrounded by the Turrialba Volcano and the nearby world-class rivers. This is a kid- friendly canyon and it has four waterfalls to rappel and along with the four waterfalls you also have four ziplines. These are not the biggest ziplines in Costa Rica but they are still a lot of fun and a good little addition to your canyoneering adventure.

Along with the ziplines you get to walk across a 132ft bridge and this is not your nice solid bridge. It definitely has some Costa Rican swagger to it and will be swinging in all directions making for one of the best Costa Rica adventure tours in the area only second to the famous Pacuare River rafting tour. It should be noted that the guides in the area of Turrialba are some of the best adventure guides in the country. Not only are they all river guides of the nearby rivers but this generation of guides has grown up with the handed-down knowledge of adventure guides which started 25 years ago. When in Turrialba expect to experience some of the finest adventure guiding in the country.