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Nauyaca Falls (Dominical), Costa Rica

There are many places of Costa Rica worth seeing but it is tough to compete with Nauyaca when it comes to rappeling waterfalls. This is Costa Rica's most beautiful waterfall in our opinion. We consider it the most beautiful to look at, the most beautiful to swim in, and the most beautiful to rappel. Well all of this sounds really beautiful but the access to this waterfall is far from beautiful. It is a bumpy road in, by horseback taking you to the bottom area which does not help during a rappelling adventure because you want to be at the top. To get to the top you can drive in to a certain area but then you have to hike for around 4 blocks. This is not a bad hike and it is downhill making it up hill in the afternoon after your adrenaline has been drained from walking off the edge of this 160ft waterfall. The waterfall is a double-decker that measures 300ft in total but we rappel the top part and then hike down to the bottom to enjoy the perfect swim pool where you can do everything from climb rocks to jump off a 20ft ledge.

This waterfall is part of the adventure we do of sleeping behind a waterfall. This is a really fun overnight with kids. If you are in the area of Dominical we highly suggest making this part of your Costa Rica family vacation as this without question will be an adventure of a lifetime.