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Pacuare River Waterfall Rappel

About half way down the Pacuare River there is a rapid that is known as the "doble piso" rapid which means the two-story rapid. This is a beautiful area because just at the edge of the river is one of the largest canyons of the Pacuare River. For some of our groups we pack our ropes and climbing gear into the rafts for a little extra adventure during your day of rafting.

It is a very simple rappel and many people enjoy it more because you go right down the center of the waterfall and you get soaked from start to finish. You actually end up in a pool down at the bottom which gives a little to the adventure. The rappel is easy for us to set up and easy access to hike from the river and excellent views of the canyon down below and the Pacuare River. It is a perfect rappel for those on a Costa Rica family vacation because if your kids are big enough to be on the river Pacuare they can handle this rappel no problem. The only access to this waterfall is by raft so don't plan on doing this if you are not on one of our rafting trips.

This is just an extra we can add to any of our tours if you request and we will make sure we pack our rappelling gear and give you a little extra adrenaline rush during your already full day of Costa Rica whitewater rafting.