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Lost Canyon (San Carlos), Costa Rica

Probably the most popular canyon in all of Costa Rica, the Lost Canyon is situated just outside of the town of La Fortuna and makes for an easy half day tour. It is also operated by one of the larger local outfitters in La Fortuna allowing them to fill the canyon with guides and really move the people on through. This is a great tour from start to finish and it is operated by Desafio. Here you will visit five different waterfalls and make your way down two of which are around 150ft. Our clients often tell us that their favorite moment was not the rappels but everything in between from jumping off small rocks to just using their hands and knees to make their way down. This is a long way down and a long way up. The hike is not too bad because at the start they drive you up in a 4x4 allowing those that don't want to hike 500 steps to just hike around half.

Our only comment on this canyon is that you will see a good number of other tourists. If you are in the Arenal and La Fortuna area that probably is not a problem as it is one of Costa Rica's most touristy areas. This is also a quick canyoneering adventure allowing you to make up a lot of ground, very safely, in only about three hours because of the solid infrastructure and guide personel they have equipped the canyon with.