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The Cave (Dominical), Costa Rica

This is a great rappel and although it is short with just around 100ft the setting is like none other. This is part of the adventure of sleeping behind a waterfall which we have labeled as the "Sleep Behind a Waterfall Ecolodge". After you make the very intense two hour hike into the cavern it is time to get geared up and take on the rappel. At the top of the waterfall you have an endless view of the primary forest and canyon below. This is the same canyon that is called the Diamante Canyon. From the waterfall you will be rappelling just a few more drops below is the Diamante Waterfall which is one of Costa Rica tallest waterfalls at 600ft (this is only rappeled by our guides; sorry I know you would love to).

At the top of this waterfall you really can not see where you are going because it gives a feeling of an undercut which allows you to do a free-hanging rappel after about 20 ft on the wall. It is really a great rappel and unique in it's own scense. For a Costa Rica family adventure this should be considered if your kids don't mind hiking. The waterfall is extremely easy access as you are rappelling into the area where you will be sleeping. Now the access from the start of the day is pretty intense with two hours of hiking but once you get to the cavern you can walk to the top of the 600ft Diamante, rappel, eat, and sleep without having to take more than a 5 minute hike to any of those places. This is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful spots that has been discovered until now.