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Toro Amarillo (Alajuela), Costa Rica

This is a waterfall that is very easy access. You simply arrive to the little restaurant and then walk around 1 block and you are at the top of one of the tallest waterfalls in Costa rica. This is quite the site. It is quite the rappel also and the only rough part is walking back up. If you want amazing pictures and simply be able to tell your friends that you rappeled a 300ft waterfall then this is the waterfall for you. It is located about 2 hours from the San Jose area between the Central Valley and the San Carlos area on the back slopes of the Poas Volcano. The scenery is beautiful. The operation here has been taken over by a foreign owner who has put in quite the infrastructure for rappeling. It is a very safe rappel and not much else in the area except for this waterfall. Although there is a new little lodge called El Silencio which is one of the nicest ecolodges in all of Costa Rica.

When doing a rappel this high you want to make sure your rope is not too thick as it will be more of a pain getting down because of the weight of the rope causing you to break. Then it will be a pain carrying it back up the 900 steps to the parking lot. Yes, that is right it, is 900 steps and I have seen many names carved on trees telling their wives they love them. Just be prepared the higher the waterfall you rappel the harder the hike is to get out of the remote area you rappeled down into.