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Costa Rica Family Tour $1125 / person

Trip difficulty: 1 2 3 4 5
Recommended for ages: 8+
Number of days: 8

Rafting Pacuare River Irazu Volcano Manuel Antonio
Rafting Pacuare RiverRafting Pacuare River
Irazu VolcanoIrazu Volcano
Manuel AntonioManuel Antonio

This trip is designed for those families wanting to hit the main areas of Costa Rica. This would be the Costa Rica example of the Golden Triangle. There are always some side roads that can be visited with your guides allowing you to feel some sense of adventure. But you will see many other tourist on this itinerary.

Price: $1525/person (Based on Group of 4)

Includes:All private transportation with driver/guide, all meals listed, all lodging, all tours and adventure.

Day 1 - Arrive and Drive to La Condesa (La Condesa)

Your private adventure guide will meet you at the airport where you will make the short drive to the first hotel which is located in the mountains of Heredia on the slopes of the Barva Volcano. Here you will have chance to enjoy the relaxing grounds of the hotel and get some rest before the big adventures of the week. (Meals: None)

Day 2 - Visit Irazu Volcano and Drive to Casa Turire (Casa Turire Hotel)

We leave the hotel after breakfast today and make the drive to Costa Rica's tallest volcano. This is an amazing hike that will literally put you at the top of the country and give you a bird's eye view of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Irazu Volcano is at around 11,000ft. Here we will make a short hike to the crater. After the Irazu visit we will drive to Casa Turire Hotel which everyone really enjoys. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 3 - Raft Pacuare River and Drive to Arenal Volcano (Casa Luna Lodge)

Without a doubt the next adventure is my favorite thing to do in the off-seasons and chances are it will be your favorite part of the trip. The Pacuare River is one of National Geographic's top rivers on the planet and it is filled with waterfall and beautiful canyons. We will be on the river for around three hours and after the river we will take you to the Arenal Volcano which is Costa Rica's perfectly cone-shaped volcano and one of the ten most active volcanos on the planet. You will have a beautiful view of the volcano from your hotel. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 4 - Zipline Costa Rica (Casa Luna Lodge)

If the rafting was not enough adventure then the 700ft high cable above the primary rainforest should do the trick. Here you will get the chance to enjoy the best zipline in all of Costa Rica. Out of all the ziplines in the country this is the best. Not only is it high and fast but the views of the volcano on a clear day and of the lake are just unmatched by other ziplines and makes you feel like you are something out of Jurrassic Park (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 5 - Drive to Manuel Antonio (Beach Hotel)

Today I am going to drive you to Manuel Antonio and I will make some stops on the way to keep it interesting. This is a beautiful drive and the final destination is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches. Actually I would have to say it is Costa Rica's most beautiful beach. The monkeys still out populate the tourist in this area. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 6 - Visit National Park (Beach Hotel)

Today is your day to visit the National Park. This is a walk through the National Park and you will be on your own but it is very close to the hotel and simple hiking to the nearby trails that are filled with wildlife. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 7 - Beach Day to Relax (Beach Hotel)

Today is your day to relax. There are a number of optional tours in the area to choose from or you can just enjoy the public beach that is just infront of the hotel. The waves are perfect and there is always the option of going back into the park to visit the beautiful beaches of the National Park. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 - Transfer to San Jose Airport and Fly Home!

Today I will pick you up from the beach hotel and drive you back to the San Jose Airport area. This is a short drive of just around 2 hours on Costa Rica's new highway. (Meals: Breakfast)

La Condesa - Located in the mountains just outside of San Jose on the slopes of the Barva Volcano sits the La Condesa Hotel. It is a large luxurious hotel used by foreigners and Costa Rican's alike. It is isolated from the city life and offers you a climate that will have you wanting to stay as the temperature year round is 60 degrees. This is a perfect hotel for your first or last night as it is easy access to and from the airport of San Jose, just 25 minutes away.

Casa Turire - One of our favorite hotels for its small size of 16 rooms, great service, and amazing views the Casa Turire Hotel allows you to enjoy what we consider an amazing area of Costa Rica, Turrialba. The hotel has luxurious rooms and is set up in a colonial style setting on a very large property located with incredible views of the surrounding mountains and lake.

Casa Luna Lodge - Located at the base of the Arenal Volcano, at Casa Luna you will have excellent views of the volcano. A small hotel, with excellent service, it is located with easy access to the La Fortuna Waterfall, town of La Fortuna, and other great attractions. Many of the hotels in the area are a 30 minute drive from the activities but Casa Luna Lodge is the perfect location for getting a lot done.

Espadilla Hotel - The Espadilla Hotel is a great option in Manuel Antonio for families looking to be on their own. With the development and commerce in the area, the Manuel Antonio Beach has literally everything you need in short walking distance from the Espadilla Hotel. This hotel that is just outside of the National Park and has excellent food and a great option for those families looking not to break the bank but still stay in a great convenient hotel.

With a country full of amazing people, a landscape that day after day just blows your mind, and some of the best rivers on the planet, I decided to call Costa Rica home. I made my early career whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River and working as an adventure guide for different companies. With this said, the goal of starting Costa Rican Resource was to get people out into nature to realizing that each and every human on the planet is a part of our natural world.