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Sarapiqui River

This is a river that is located on the east side of the Central Valley and is nice because it is just around 2 hours from San Jose so we can operate this tour for you from the San Jose area. The Sarapiqui depending where you decide to start your rafting tour, has some adventurous rapids but most of the river would not be big water. We often operate rafting tours here for families with small children. The best part about the Sarapiqui is that although close to towns and roads, it still has very plentiful wildlife as there are a number of reserves and rainforests in this area. This makes the river a popular spot for animals to hang out. If you are in the area of Sarapiqui it is probably worth staying the night because there is much to be learned and it can be a very educational experience as it is popular spot for nature lovers to visit. Birding tours are a large part of the local activities and there are many different places to educate students and scientist looking to do field work in the heart of the tropics. It should also be noted that Sarapiqui River rafting tours can be an easy day trip from the Arenal Volcano area. The Sarapiqui River is class II & III in the lower section and some class IV's in the upper section.

Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth. — (Anonymous)