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Costa Rica Ziplines

Costa Rica has become famous for it's many great beaches for surfing, majestic rainforest, and of course making a visit for some Costa Rica adventure tours. When you are not doing the whitewater rafting tours or the canyoneering adventure your next choice is the many different ziplines in Costa Rica. There are so many ziplines in Costa Rica that we doubt anybody really knows all of them but I can assure you that the best ones we have been on and hope to have you join us on a Costa Rica family vacation. Take a look at the list we made of some of our favorite ziplines in Costa Rica.

Zipline is the adventure that almost everyone in the family can do. It does not involve a lot of skill. This is why it is a perfect activity for a family of all ages. All the kids have to do is scream and all grandma has to do is go along for the ride.