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Hacienda Baru

Hacienda Baru Hacienda Baru Hacienda Baru Hacienda Baru
Hacienda BaruHacienda Baru
Hacienda BaruHacienda Baru
Hacienda BaruHacienda Baru
Hacienda BaruHacienda Baru

Located in the southern pacific region just north of the town of Dominical sits a small rusticecolodge with a big agenda on conservation and nature. This is a small lodge that dedicates itself to hosting those not looking for luxury but are interested in conservation and nature.

Jack Ewing came to Costa Rica over 25 years ago and turned the Hacienda Barú into an 815 acre nature reserve for conservation. He has had the Hacienda Baru Ecolodge running for 25 years and happens to be a big name in ecostourism here in Costa Rica.

The lodge offers a simple canopy tour that does not have the highest and fastest cables in the country but still what most canopy tours should be. This canopy tour will educate you on the ecosystem you are zipping through and allow you to learn about the different flor & fauna. This type of canopy tour is something of the past in many parts of Costa Rica. The lodge sits just a short hike to the beach which is a dark sand beach and not the best for swimming but makes for a good hike. There are trails all around the property and a chance to fill your brain with all the education you want on conservation and nature. If you are lucky you will get a chance to talk with Jack Ewing about how he became a pioneer in conservation in Costa Rica. Jack spends many of his days with university groups from the University of Costa Rica coming to learn from the expert about the challenges we are facing in the area of conservation.

Reasons to Go:

  • Looking for simple/affordable lodging
  • Want to Learn!

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Not a fancy stop but still very clean

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