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Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour

The Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour is located on the hills of Naranjo. Here you will hear many of the locals boast about how Naranjo coffee is the best tasting coffee in Costa Rica and every year they win the taste test on the national level for the best coffee.

This actually is very true and for those of you that are coffee experts you might actually notice why it taste better. I personally love coffee but for some reason the cheapest Costa Rican coffee in the supermarket tends to be what I consider with the best taste.

It is still worth making a visit to the Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour where they can atleast have the opportunity to explain to your what makes certain coffee better than others. This is one of the larger farms in the Central Valley and it is operating daily so you get to see everything at work unlike some coffee tours which are just relics of what use to be a functioning coffee plantation.

We suggest visiting this tour if you are traveling from the Arenal area to San Jose or from San Jose to Arenal it is on the way and makes for a nice stop to break up the drive.

Reasons to Go:

  • You enjoy coffee
  • Want to see a functioning plantation
  • What many consider the best coffee in Costa Rica

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • No adventure
  • Not all kids go crazy about coffee tours