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Finca Don Juan

If your interested in seeing an organic farm then there is nobody that does it better in all of Costa Rica than Don Juan. Located just outside the town of La Fortuna you will have the chance to see on a very small scale the possibility of bringing our planet to a more sustainable manner.

With just two acres of land Don Juan has worked it so he can feed up to 25 people a day on a small organic farm with no waste. He does everything from trapping methane of his cow to cook the meals, natural pesticides, and so much more to make this farm the perfect circle of resources that just keep going and going without any help from the outside world.

Don Juan takes you on a hike through his farm where you learn the basics about organic farming while trying many different tropical fruits in a hands on experience that your senses will love you for. After the tour you are taken into his kitchen where you will enjoy one of the finest meals yet in Costa Rica as you eat a home cooked meal where everything on your plate came from the farm you just visited.

Reasons to Go:

  • Everyone needs to experience this
  • Great for kids plenty of hands on action

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Sunny and Warm
  • You only eat in McDonalds and Burger King