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Finca Luna Nueva

Finca Luna Nueva Finca Luna Nueva Finca Luna Nueva Finca Luna Nueva
Finca Luna NuevaFinca Luna Nueva
Finca Luna NuevaFinca Luna Nueva
Finca Luna NuevaFinca Luna Nueva
Finca Luna NuevaFinca Luna Nueva

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is one of a kind. Located in the fertile northern plains of Costa Rica in the province of San Carlos sits the Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. This sustainable ecolodge is about 30 minutes outside of the bustling tourist town of La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano.

In a country where eco-friendly in many cases has become nothing more than an eco-business, at FincaLuna Nueva Lodge you will find authentic conservation with a philosophy that will have you awe-inspired to start making a difference for the planet.

This is a small rustic ecolodge with a splash of luxurious accommodations. The real luxury comes though from the meticulous gardens, lessons, and ideas that have come, left, and have yet to be born from this lodge and organic farm. If Planet Earth had a pulse (which some scientist argue it does) it would be at FincaLuna Lodge that it's beat would be strongest.

Finca Luna Lodge is a certified organic biodynamic farm which began in 1994 as a ginger and tumeric farm. It was in 2003 that the idea of operating a small ecolodge allowing guests to come share and learn along with various brilliant minds from all over the world to come share their knowledge and ideas of ways to move our planet to a more sustainable way of being. Here you will find an ozonated swimming pool, walking trails through the rainforest which backs up to the 50,000 acre Childerns Eternal Rainforest and MonteverdeReserve, and what might be the most impressive is their Sacred Seed Garden.

Our planet is losing species daily and the conservation of these species is what still gives modern and ancient science a chance of holding on to many cures and remedies to benefit all living species. The Sacred Seed Garden at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is home to 300 different tropical medicinal plants from around the world. It is a savings that totals more than any monetary inheritance by the wealthiest of kings.

If your interested in plants, agriculture, and ancient medicinal knowledge then Finca Luna Lodge is the perfect stop during your stay in Costa Rica. If you are not interested in these topics then it is still the perfect stop because it's probably time you listened to what they have to say.

Reasons to Go:

  • A chance to see the world in an entire new light
  • Contact with nature
  • Surrounded by pristine tropical rainforest
  • Excellent Service
  • Some of the brightest minds on the planet have visited Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Just GO! Our Planet needs that you visit this place!

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