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Hanging Bridges Arenal

Hanging bridges in Arenal Volcano area is a nice addition to your trip if you are not looking to zipline. It should be said that a hanging bridge to some has its level of adrenaline-rush as you are walking on suspended walkways a couple hundred feet above the rainforest floor.

In the Arenal Volcano area there are two hanging bridges we like to use with our guests. The first one is located on the side of the volcano as part of a co-operation with a zipline we also use. The second set of hanging bridges is located across the lake of Arenal.

We all know most kids would rather do the ziplines, but walking a hanging bridge can be something to tell your friends in school about and although not the most exciting tour in Costa Rica it's good to mix in a little education with adventure.

Reasons to Go?

  • Excellent option to see the Canopy if you DON'T want to zipline.
  • Not too strenuous hiking.
  • Chance to see different wildlife than walking on the ground.
  • Only takes around two hours.

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Bridges can sway a bit.
  • If you don't like heights.
  • Some hiking involved to get from bridge to bridge.
  • Some hanging bridges can be loaded with tourist at certain hours.
  • Chance of heavy rains.
  • By the 4th bridge your kids might get a little tired but we always try to keep them excited about the natural wonders around.