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Horseback Ride Nauyaca Waterfall

If you are looking for more of a jungle horseback ride that will take you to one of the most phenomenal waterfalls in all of Costa Rica, then you might want to consider the Nauyaca Waterfall ride. There are two different ways to take this ride. One way is from the top of a ridge that drops down steep but offers unbelievable views of the valley below. The second option is to enter from a flatter area on a road near the town of Platanillo which makes for a simplier ride and more forest cover but less bomber views.

Because of the type of terrain both of these tours are operated in a single file line with one horse following the next and there really is no room to gallup during this trail ride.

This is a horseback ride where the actual riding takes a back seat to the incredible waterfall you will be visiting. When you get to Nauyaca Falls after an hour of riding you will enjoy a swim in a pristine pool and a view of an enormous two-level 250 feet waterfall. Your time spent swimming in the pool will be very refreshing and a chance for your horses to take a breather before the hour trek back to where you started.

This tour can be operated for families and kids of all ages. Depending on your kids riding experience will depend if they ride alone.

Reasons to Go?

  • Much more efficient way of arriving to Nauyaca Falls
  • Enjoy riding
  • Love waterfalls!

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Do not like remote areas
  • Do not like horses
  • Do not like cliffs

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