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Horseback Ride Pacific Beach

The horse was the original mode of transportation in Costa Rica, before 4-wheelers, SUV's, and yachts became part of the tourism scene here. Riding on the beach of the Pacific can be done in a number of areas but we often like to do it in the Rancho Mercede Wildlife Refuge. Unlike riding horseback in Manuel Antonio beach where the crowds of tourist make it feel more like a people watching horseback than a beach ride.

The Rancho Mercede Wildlife Refuge offers you a ride on a vacant beach. In all the times our guides have taken guests out on this ride we have recorded a number of wildlife sightings and have yet to record another human sighting. If you are an experienced rider you can gallop and even run with your horses. This is not a single file line of boring riding for two hours.

We can offer two different options when riding on the beach in Costa Rica. Due to the hot sun and heat of the mid-day we always suggest an early morning ride or a sunset ride on the Pacific. This allows you to enjoy the lower temperature of the tropical mornings and the beauty of the sunset from atop your horse.

Horseback riding is great for all ages. If your kids have experience and your family is accustomed to riding then have at it. But if you come from little experience on a horse it is probably best to keep the little ones on a tandem ride with a guide.

Reasons to Go?

  • Your enjoy horses
  • Want to experience a sunset
  • Great mode of transportation on long deserted beaches

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Scared of horses
  • Mosquitos in the afternoons
  • Back problems

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