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Boca Nosara

One of our favorite horseback tours in all of Costa Rica is located at Boca Nosara named after the stables that sit at the mouth of the river in the area of Nosara. This ride focuses on personal attention with never more than 12 riders. If your ride has more than four people chances are you will have an extra guide always focusing on safety during this tour.

The real reason we like this tour is because it offers a little bit of everything. You will make your way through jungle, small villages, and a chance to gallop on the beach. The owners of the tour who are Beate and HW are two of the more well known experts on horses in the area and boast of having some of the finest horses anywhere in Costa Rica.

This is a great tour and the perfect way to spend three hours during your stay in Nosara.

Reasons to Go:

  • Want a ride that will involve jungle and beach
  • Healthy horses

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Forgot your Wranglers at home?

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