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HorseTrek Monteverde

A horse business is sort of like a restaurant. The owner has to be there all the time to make it a special place. This is the philosophy of Marvin. It is reflected in the excellent shape and condition you see in his horses. These are some of the healthiest horses in all of Costa Rica and one of the best operated horseback riding adventures you will find anywhere. With attention to detail, Marvin makes sure that you nor the horse are just a number but a special client and friend.

Marvin is able to size up the person and give you the appropriate horse be it an advanced rider or a beginner you will be amazed at how knowledgeable he is of the horses. The tour itself offers breath-taking views of the surrounding cloudforest with chances to see different wildlife. It is around a three hour tour and we promise you Marvin will not let the trip get boring. It is also said that he is actually a horse whisperer!

Reasons to Go:

  • Without question one of the best around
  • Marvin is worth knowing on basic principal he is a horse whisperer

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Just Go!

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