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Isla de Caño

Located in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, Isla de Caņo is 20 km from Drake Bay and is a protected area of 700 acres. This is a great day trip for those that like to spend some time on a boat. You should take into consideration that 20 km on a boat can take almost an hour depending on how the sea is this could be the difference in an amazing day or a day full of puking your guts off the side of a boat.

The Isla de Caņo will offer you a chance to see dolphins, sea-turtles, sharks, and many other marine life species. The snorkeling in the area is a hit or miss and if you visit on a day when the water is clear you have a chance of seeing a lot of different species of wildlife. The island itself offers a nature hike with many different species of birds and even some indigenous artefacts.

This is a full day trip and leaves from areas in the souther pacific coast including Sierpe River or the area of Drake Bay. Your time in boat will be less time if you take the Drake Bay option. The tour is for all ages and even has a scuba dive option if you are a licensed scuba diver.

Reasons to Go?

  • Interest in Marine Wildlife
  • Enjoy the open ocean
  • You have time to spend in the Drake Bay area
  • Enjoy snorkeling

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • You get sea sick
  • Don't enjoy the water, swimming, or snorkeling
  • Island is host to some mosquitos