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La Condesa

La Condesa La Condesa La Condesa La Condesa
La CondesaLa Condesa
La Condesa poolLa Condesa pool
Restaurant Patio de los CondesRestaurant Patio de los Condes
Deluxe RoomDeluxe Room

The La Condesa Hotel has been around much longer than the tourism boom in Costa Rica. It is a large hotel located in the mountains of Heredia on the opposite side of the valley from much of the development has taken place in the last 10 years. La Condesa Hotel is a great option for those looking for a more authentic feel as it is also a hotel that is visited often by Costa Rican's living in the city looking for a weekend in the mountains. The weather can get chilly as you will be at an elevation of over 5,000ft. The Hotel sits on a property that overlooks the central valley. The rooms are of a mountain feel and half of the hotel has been re-done in the last year offering very modern amenities and luxurious lodging.

The setting of the resturaunt is the finest you will find in the Central Valley. It has a large open patio feel with a skylight about the size of a soccer field and fountains of running water which makes for an ambience for the perfect welcome or departure from Costa Rica.

This hotel works great for those that have early departing flights or late arrivals. It is about 20 to 40 minutes from the San Jose airport depending on the traffic and arriving from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica makes it one of the of closest hotels when coming into the Central Valley.

Reasons to Go:

  • Unique and authentic
  • Cool mountain weather
  • Great views
  • Affordable rates for luxury

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Can get cool
  • Outside of the city
  • A bit complicated to arrive if you are driving on your own

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