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Luna Lodge

I still remember the first family group we took to Luna Lodge. They felt that they were never going to arrive but when they did they said it was all worth it. Luna Lodge is located on the southern Pacific of Costa Rica tucked deep into the tropical rainforest of the Osa Peninsula near the world famous National Park Corcovado. If you practice Yoga, need a theraputic massage, or just want a truly peaceful escape for your vacation then Luna Lodge is the place for you.

The Luna Lodge has a Spa and a Retreat center where you can just enjoy the facilities during your stay or you can join in on one of the planned retreats as a package deal.

This place is more than just a lodge. You will love the employees and feel like you are leaving family when it is time to depart. You will do more than just stay and leave in a few days. You will find that you learned how to live more in comun with the environment. You will meet the owner Lana and fall in love with her. She does an amazing job of combining business with making you feel completely at home.

If you travel to Luna Lodge you better plan on staying for at least two or three nights. What gives this place it's magical feel is its location and it is a bit off the beaten path to say the least.

Reasons to Go:

  • Lana the owner is an amazing women!
  • Great food
  • Location is about as full on nature as you can get
  • You like UNIQUE

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • You do not want to be out in the middle of nowhere
  • Traveling can be long and bumpy
  • Heavy rains in October and November can affect arrival or departure