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Mangrove Tours

A bit of a more unique nature tour that often offers plenty of wildlife, is the Mangrove Tour. The Mangrove Tour is much more than just seeing wildlife. You get the chance to learn about the amazing ecosystem of the Mangrove and the function of the four different species Costa Rica Mangroves that affect the entire planet.

We often like to operate the Mangrove two different ways. One way is we take our guests on Ocean Kayaks or Rafts and we just float down the Mangroves with no motor. This is a great tour in the early morning or afternoon offering you a chance to see many different species of wildlife and enjoy a gentle float. Some of the areas we operate this tour are in Corcovado and Manuel Antonio.

The second form of a Mangrove Tour is in small motor boat on your way out to the area of Corcovado or Drake Bay. Leaving from the area of Sierpe we often travel by boat to the area of Drake Bay we need to pass through a few kilometers of Mangrove and there are excellent areas to tour the Mangroves while in transit to theOsa Peninsula.

Reasons to Go?

  • See very unique Ecosystem that we are quickly destroying
  • See wildlife
  • Like to Paddle an ocean kayak

Reasons NOT to Go?

  • Mosquitoes are frequent in Mangroves
  • Don't want to risk getting wet
  • Often hot and humid