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Mount Chirripo

Costa Rica is a country that is about the size of West Virginia and measures on average only 70 miles wide. Running down the center of the country is what looks like a spinal cord on most maps with mountains and volcanos running down the center. The highest point on this mountainous terrain is the Mount Chirripo. At the height of 12,530 feet is the top of Costa Rica. We offer a 2 night 3 day trek to visit and stand at one of highest points in Central America. The Mount Chirripo is part of La Amistad National Park which extends from Costa Rica to Panama.

This without questions is the best trek in Costa Rica. On a clear day you can enjoy the Pacific and Caribbean coast. The trek can be pretty intense depending on the trail you decide to take. At CRR we offer two different trails but the most common is the 2 night 3 day trek hiking around 6 hours a day and visiting a number of different areas of the Chirripo National Park.

The lodging at top is a simple and with no heat meaning you are staying at around 11,500 feet and being prepared for cold weather is a must.

Reasons to Go:

  • Be at the top of Costa Rica
  • Enjoy trekking
  • The views are the best Costa Rica has to offer

Reasons NOT to Go:

  • Intense hiking
  • Cold weather
  • Hit or miss adventure; if its rainy and cloudy its a bit rough; if its clear there is nothing better